Dynamic Wellness Center, LLC offers a unique behavioral health care service that provides access to well trained, culturally diverse, licensed professionals. Dynamic Wellness Center, LLC (DWC)  also provides clients with in network referrals for the newest in evidenced based treatments, and education related to professional therapeutic practices, with interventions that consider the wellbeing of the whole person. Our interventions and treatment modalities may include mindfulness, massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture, and more by our network of certified licensed professionals. We believe in treating our clients with dignity, and respect for their unique needs and that requires person- centered approach


Dynamic Wellness Center, LLC is a unique community-based outpatient mental health center, our clinic looks to pair clients to providers that are qualified in array of therapeutic interventions. We offer evidenced based treatment interventions and offer our clients mental health therapy in the context of a holistic perspective. Meaning that we believe in treating the person holistically. DWC seeks the expertise wellness coach, life coaches, and naturopaths. We offer community based workshops, resource linkage, and referrals to our network of providers. DWC provides outpatient Mental Health services to adults, children, and family populations located in Baltimore City and Baltimore County and surrounding regions.  We are promoting balance and wellness for individuals, and families. Striving to eliminate barriers that exists for individuals towards experiencing the fullness of life.  All to create a healing journey for your mind, body, and Spirit



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To promote the well-being of individuals and families through providing accessible, quality mental health treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and their families. Utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed to providing a quality mental health care model which incorporates overall health care needs

Corporate Values

Our values are based on the word RESPECT.

 Respect and Compassion: we treat every Dynamic Wellness Center, LLC team member, and client with utmost respect and dignity. We honor and respect the national, religious and cultural diversity of our community and we also recognize that we are in the business of improving lives, and as a result, we expect that every team member exhibits heartfelt compassion and empathy in every interaction, every day.

Key Strategies

  • Professional quality of services offered
  • Reliability: being available through on-call, and adequate staffing
  • Effective collaboration

Joi Dyson

Ms. Joi Dyson, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C is one of the co-founders of DWC and she is also a practicing clinician. Ms. Dyson has earned her undergraduate degree from Morgan State University (1995) and attained her master’s degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore, where she earned her degree in Social Administration in 1998 from the School of Social Work. As a licensed clinician Ms. Dyson began to incorporate her knowledge of the impact of one’s overall health and mental health. Poor mental health can lead to a weakened immune system, and stress that is chronic can also interfere with a person’s motivation to take care of their physical health. In other words there can be a cyclic effect. Education offered to our clients about proper self-care, nutrition, and exercise are not only concepts we believe are important it is our intent to support our clients in the implementation these lifestyle changes for improved outcomes of overall wellbeing. Ms. Dyson has built a reputation for outstanding client service, with 13 years experience as a clinically licensed therapist and over 22 years practice working with individuals, children and families with histories of trauma, out of home placement,  chemical dependency, anxiety disorders and variety of mental health issues . Ms. Dyson’s years of direct client care along with education  and management skills has produced an atmosphere of energetic health care professionals who are eager to educate and willing to  help to build a creative eclectic web of mind, body, and spiritual healers who are here to serve to treat, heal, and work collaboratively partnering with our clients in being the best versions of themselves.


Joi Dyson, LCSW-C

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